Writing In My Journal

-Jan 1st, 2009
I've made my new-years resolution. I'm going to start writing again. I bought this journal at Barns and Nobel so I could get some creative juices flowing. I am writing out my thoughts as I think them so I do not forget anything that might be important to the story. Good luck, me!

Jan 1st, 2009
Idea: Bio-terrorism story. maybe something to do with a government cover-up. I know it sounds over done, but its worth a shot.

-Jan 2nd, 2009
I can't think today, journal. but, I suppose this shouldn't only be for Ideas. Today, the president gave an address to the nation. Something about 'Doing the best we can' or something. I couldn't really hear over the sound of my typewriter. I wasn't even really paying attention.

-Jan 3rd, 2009
I'm really starting to slip into the loop now, journal. Three more pages in just a few minutes. oh, I never remembered writing to be this much fun. I'm going to watch a bit of TV, and let my hands rest. So much fun!

-Jan 3rd, 2009
I'm deciding against watching TV right now. There is a storm warning or something scrolling down at the bottom of the TV, making a really loud annoying buzzing sound. It said something about staying indoors, so I figure its just another big storm or something. I'm going back to writing for today.

-Jan 4th, 2009
Someone came to the door. I think they were selling something, but they seemed hysterical, so I shut the door in their face. My concentration needs to be on my story right now. And also, a story landmark: Chapter 1 and two are now finished. I'm not giving away any secrets to you yet, journal, but I will say this: The story is far more realistic then anything I've ever written!

-Jan 5th, 2009
I've given my story a name, now, journal. I'm calling it 'The Four Horsemen' It sounds hokey, but hell, the story is coming along better then expected. So far, the main character seems to be the last man on earth after a horrible bio-terrorism attack. I can't remember ever being so wrapped up in a story before. I don't think I've left home in several days.

-Jan 5th, 2009
The electricity is browning out, so I'm writing all this by candle light. I think I'll speak with the Electric Company tomorrow, if I'm not to busy with the story.

-Jan 6th, 2009.
Guess I lost track of time today. I haven't visited the electric company today, though the power is completely out. Thankfully, my typewriter is mechanical. I think I'll go to the electric company when I am finished with this chapter.

-Jan 7th, 2009
Something’s happened. I went outside for the first time in what’s felt like forever, but it was so quiet. I live next to the highway, but the sounds weren't even coming from there anymore. I'm kind of creeped out, but I don't have time for such things. My story is almost finished.

-Jan 8th. 2009
Still no sound from anywhere. I still haven't gone to the electric company. I think my story is still too short, so I'm scrapping some of the end parts, and adding more to it. I tell you, when my publisher gets this, he will be ecstatic!

-Jan 9th, 2009
My candles are almost burned out, so I guess I should get some more. The electric company is to far a drive anyway. I don't want to be away from my story for too long, in case I get a good idea while I'm out.

-Jan 9th, 2009.
Couldn't get to the store, the roads are jammed, and nothing looked like it was moving. The cars were still running, though, so it must be a traffic jam. There is a lot of that around here. I figured I'd rather be at home writing then messing around with that kind of traffic.

-Jan 10th, 2009
Ok, this is starting to bug me. Those cars haven't moved STILL. I wound up behind the exact same jerk off in a white Pontiac that I did yesterday. I'm going back, to give him a piece of mind.

-Jan 10th.
That asshole wouldn't look me in the face when I was shouting at him. He was just staring ahead like some moron without a brain. But I suppose my story is more important then some idiot.

-Jan 11th, 2009
Typewriter is out of ink, headed to the store. I'm walking, so it will be awhile.

-Jan 11th, 2009.
The store was deserted, and smelled awful. All the electricity there was out, to, so that food has gone bad. I got my ink, and ran out of there. I don't know if its stealing or not. The man in the white Pontiac was smiling today. His car isn't running, either. His smile was creeping me out. It was big and toothy, like someone pulled his lips off. maybe writing will get the image out of my head.

-Jan 15, 2009.
I have been writing for so long, I don't think my hands can take it anymore. There is a loud annoying sound outside, like someone is shouting at the top of their lungs, and its been going like this for hours. I'm going to go investigate.

-Jan 15th, 2009
It was the man in the white Pontiac. His head was against the steering wheel, and sounding the horn. He was facing me when I got there, it was really creepy. I opened his door, and pulled him out. I think he was dead.

-Jan 16th, 2009
Journal, I think I'll go crazy if i don't get some company. i haven't seen anyone but the guy in the Pontiac in almost two weeks. My story is keeping me occupied, though.

-Feb 20th
I'm sorry I haven't written in so long. The story is still going strong, though. I checked on Pontiac man a few days ago, and talked to him. he didn't talk back. He is good company. Its a long walk to see him, so i think I'll invite him over.

-Feb 23rd, 2009.
Pontiac man is here. he is watching me write, though I think its a little hard for him to see. his eyes are all white and puss-y. I hope he is alright.

-Feb 24th, 2009
Pontiac man stinks, so I gave him a bath. he was all bruised up under his clothes. i asked him if he got in a fight, but he didn't say anything. I think he is trying to hide something from me.

-Feb 25th, 2009
I have a new guest with me now. A nice lady from the store. She is watching me write, too. I like my friends.

-Feb 26th, 2009
Pontiac man and store lady aren’t with me write now. They were talking, so I left the room. I think Pontiac man is trying to hit on her, and I didn't want to interfere. My story is so good, right now, Journal.

-Feb 27th, 2009
I'm really hungry, but I'm all out of canned food. I don't want to go to the store, either.

-Feb 27th, 2009
Pontiac man tastes good.

-Feb 28th, 2009
Store lady is mad because I ate part of her boyfriend yesterday. I locked her in the bedroom, but I can still hear her shouting at me. She isn't as nice as Pontiac man. I bet she doesn't even taste good.

-Feb 28th, 2009
She does.

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