What Things You Will See


Tales of strange creatures, occurrences, and sightings persist from the first days of man until today. To discard them out of hand is foolishness, as is to believe blindly.

But for those that seek out the Dark, you will see horrors which will shatter your human mind.

There was once a time when Man understood His place in the universe. But things change. Always changing. Though, even in recent history there have been those that have understood. However, such individuals’ wise insight is turned to examine the mundanity of nature rather than its unexplainable qualities.

What waste.

The bulk does not understand, will never understand. There is only fear and blind denial. Even when faced with old “truths” the human mind shuts itself off and the person attempts desperately to find any mundane explanation possible to retain “sanity.”

Sanity. A creature wholly wrought of comparison and worthless society.

Only those bold enough to search in the dark, blind and senseless, will see the old “truths.”

You will see, and you will understand your place. You will experience feelings so powerful and varied that you will be unable to assign words to describe the experience.

And then it will all End.

Author Information: Mr. Welldone
Story Title or Titles: What Things You Will See
Original Source: Unknown
Date: Unknown. Posted by Kain Pathos Crow at the Foundation wiki on 6 Sep 2008.
Link: Unknown

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