Two Phones

I once stuck two cell phones together in 69 position while they called each other. Weird noises came out, so I tried saying something in it to see how it would be distorted. I said, "Hi. I'm Aaron." I said this about 5 times and each one sounded different until a voice came back saying (completely different from my voice). "Hello Aaron. Hello Aaron. I am Mikeal. I am Micheal. Am I dead? Am I dead? Am I dead? Am I dead? Am I dead?" I tried saying my name again, but a different voice came back saying, "I don't want to go. I don't want to go." After that I hung up.

Author Information: Unknown
Story Title or Titles: Two Phones
Original Source: Unknown
Date: Unknown. Posted by Kain Pathos Crow at the Foundation wiki on 3 Aug 2008.
Link: Unknown

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