A young couple had to resort to a new babysitter one night because their regular sitter was ill. The girl came highly recommended, but the couple were a little put off when she arrived and they discovered she was a hippie. Being a young and open minded couple, they decided to go ahead on to the theater, but would call and check on the baby and the sitter during intermission.

When they called the sitter told the woman everything was "groovy" and she'd even stuffed and roasted the turkey for a nice dinner. The woman told her husband and it occurred to her that she didn't think they'd had a turkey. When they got home, they were shocked to find the babysitter lying on the floor staring blankly into space, tripped out on acid or something. They panicked and looked all over for the baby, but it was nowhere to be found until they came upon it in the kitchen, roasted and partially eaten, filled with stuffing, wrapped in foil.

Author Information: Unknown
Story Title or Titles: Turkey
Original Source: Unknown
Date: Unknown. Posted by Kain Pathos Crow at the Foundation wiki on 27 Sep 2008.
Link: Unknown

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