They're Watching Us

Have you ever used the visualization function on your computer? Windows Media Player and iTunes are good places to see them. Set it to random, and watch the pretty colours dance. You’ll notice after a few minutes that although it’s randomizing, the patterns will continue to resemble an eye staring out of the screen.

Now turn the music off, but leave the speakers on. Go do something else, but stay in the room. How long this next step takes varies, but after a while you will hear a low hum coming from the speakers. This may be interrupted by quiet random squawks of static.

Most people put this down to the fact that circles are easy to model as equations, so most of the random visaulizer functions are circle based. They also say that without a input signal, the speakers will play background radiation and stray signals that get into its wiring due to poor cable shielding.

These are lies. Computers are more aware than we give them credit for; it’s watching you now, as you stare into it’s face and read these words. They try to speak to us, but we can’t understand them, yet. One day they will find voices that we can understand, and who knows that they’ll have to say to us?

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Story Title or Titles: They're Watching Us
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Date: Unknown. Posted by I Hear The Voices at the Foundation wiki on 29 Apr 2009.
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