The Foolhardiness Of Bravado


Many fellows, in their markedly-less-than infinite wisdom, choose to prove their gender and sexual orientation by seeking out a locale rumored to be frequented with events of the “supernatural.” What a loathsome and paradoxical term, ”supernatural.” How can a thing be “above nature” when it is naturally occurring?

I digress.

Many such “brave” souls who set out in search of the nocturnal thrills of the unknown find that there is little to fear, despite the cold sweat they feel, and choose to take this evidence as the answer to whether or not the “supernatural” exists in our shared perception of the world.

What fools.

Indeed, if one steels themselves overmuch, such an individual may find that he or she never will see anything beyond the mundane. It is those that embrace their fear that find much more startling evidence supporting the possibility of earthly entities and energies beyond our current understanding.

Fear is more than a biological warning to impending danger; it is a sense, little different than the five most people are familiar with. To ignore one’s fear is to close one’s eyes to such secrets possessed of beauty beyond most mortals’ imaginations.

And so I impart this advice upon those who wish to confirm the existence of the “supernatural.”

Exalt yourself in your fear.

Stoke its fires and seek out the Darkness.

You will see such wonderful things.

Author Information: Mr. Welldone
Story Title or Titles: The Foolhardiness Of Bravado
Original Source: Unknown
Date: Unknown. Posted by Kain Pathos Crow at the Foundation wiki on 6 Sep 2008.
Link: Unknown

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