The Day Everything Clicked

The great geniuses throughout history had one startling thing in common, they all went through a day where everything clicked, everything seemed to make sense, and everything they did from that day on was perfect. This is a very rare phenomenon, but cherish it if it happens to you.

There is an opposite side to this coin, however, where one will have a day that is so devoid of feeling, so depraved, that every day from that point on they will be slowly deteriorating into a physical manifestation of pure insanity. If you start to have one of these days, kill yourself immediately, for after 24 hours you won’t be able to die. You’ll just roam the world getting worse and worse…

Author Information: Unknown
Story Title or Titles: The Day Everything Clicked
Original Source: Unknown
Date: Unknown. Posted by Kain Pathos Crow at the Foundation wiki on 6 Sep 2008.
Link: Unknown

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