SCP-048(The Children Of King Xragon)

Object Class: Apollyon Ω

!!WARNING!! THIS FILE IS FOR THE ADMINISTRATOR’S AND SCP-0000-b2-gm8/hk9-362/xyz‘s (King Rayden’s) EYES ONLY!

SCP-048 are a group of demonic entities that are immune to any attack, anomalous or not. The so called Children of King Xragon are feared by all the sentient entities housed in the foundation. There are 5 known demonic beings of the SCP-048 group known as SCP-048-α, β, γ, Δ, ε, and ζ!

SCP-048-α(Alpha): SCP-048-α is a winged humanoid creature with gray skin, stands at 6 feet tall and has 4 red eyes that emit a glowing smoke of the same shade of red, the entity has a horn on its forehead that is black and grooved, light absorbing hair on the creature’s head parts away from the horn. The wings span 10 feet wide, are maroon in color, and have a glowing red line of unknown cause. The wings have holes that have no affect on the creature’s flight. The hands have claws that are able to cut through any material of any thickness like melted butter.

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