Specimen: SCP-000-b2-gm8

Object Class: Keter Ultama

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-000-b2-gm8 is to be isolated from mortal kids 18 years old or less, none shall be found with in 10 miles of the SCP and guards have authorization to kill them on site no questions asked. Keep lvl. 5 personnel only around to give SCP-000 someone to talk to. Plus some books and computers for entertainment.

Description; Scp is a humanoid bipedal creature whom is 5' 10" tall. He only goes by "Rayden". He is held at Site-!̸͍̞͓́͗4̷̰̖̖̳͑3̸͉͖̹̆͒͗ͅ2̷̡́͂͒͜4̵̪̥͠r̶̥̗̃̊̂̔͜ in block-$̸̡̩͗́͝ͅ%̴̛̗̥̞̃́^̸͕͇͔̗̓̈́͂̅̊
He hates kids and will do anything to kill one.

D-8432 Incident:

D-8432 was a Teen girl at the age of $̸̡̩͗́͝ͅ%̴̛̗̥̞̃́^̸͕͇͔̗̓̈́͂̅̊ she was placed in front of SCP-000 to see what would happen:

Dr $̸̡̩͗́͝ͅ%̴̛̗̥̞̃́^̸͕͇͔̗̓̈́͂̅̊$̸̡̩͗́͝ͅ%̴̛̗̥̞̃́^̸͕͇͔̗̓̈́͂̅̊: D-8432 please move in to SCP-000's Cell.

D-8432: What ever just get this over with its seriously messing up my hair.

SCP-000: Who cares your hair is ugly just like your face.

D-8432: What are you doing? Get off of me you creep.

SCP-000; you'll regret that.

D-8432:(Screams) (Sound of intestines splattering out all over the floor)

SCP-000: One more thing.

(STOMP) (Crack.) Sound of brain mush.

SCP-000 That'll take care of that ok im done.


Final Notes: No Kids Allowed only Adults of whom he's comfortable with.

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