Cursed Wigwam

Entry Date: 16.12.1992


"Can you hear them?"

"The drums… Those fucking drums. They never cease. You could be standing in a town square, all the noise in the world surrounding you. Yet, your hearing can only pick up of the sound of an old drum."

'But they can't be there!' you say, questioning people who walk across your path, pleading for them to also hear the drums.

"They look you, like some loony type of Fruitcake. How pathetic. How very pitiful. The sound only increases. It's all to do with that wigwam. You were told not to go, to stay at home like your friend told you! But it never mattered. Since when were you the type of person to listen at all… Even SCP 990 told you to stay away, of course, what would he know. He's just some fucking dream!"

"The wigwam. It was just in the woods. It was too thick to see past a couple of meters. Oddly enough, withing a 4 foot radius, there was no life. In the soil or anything. Even animals that entered that small barrier of sorts, would end up rotten and decaying in a matter of seconds."

"But, the wigwam had no affect on myself. So, being the dumb fuck I am, I went inside, despite all the warnings I was given. As soon as I stepped inside the wigwam, the world outside turned dark. I couldn't even see a centimeter infront of me.

"Then they started… The drums. I could see where they were coming from. But they were coming from all over. I felt a drip. 'How odd. There shouldn't be any water above?' if only it was. As I looked up, there were drums beating away, or at least, I thought were drums. Instead, they were bones and flesh, composed into making the instruments they I will forever keep hearing."

"The smell.. It only hit me AFTER I realised that the drums were made of humans… They say that, living in paranoia can drive a person to insanity, even going so far into killing someone! Or worse, themselves. But, what did you expect?"

"Then, a voice could be heard.. Chanting 'life you live will come undone, you were not invited, you should not have come! After that, I blacked out. I woke up a hospital, in the psychiatric ward of a mental hospital."

"They thought I was crazy… Do you wanna know why they thought I was crazy? Because, it's simple. My fucking family is gone, my parents, mutilated. Bones carved out, and flesh stretched across to give off the appearance of a drum. The fucking Dick heads though I was the one that killed 'em. "

"They found me in the house. Blood on my hands and across my clothes. Oh sure, they never ducking asked ME if I was the one who killed em.. But why bother asking. Regardless of which answer I give, They'd never believe a fruitcake like me would they."

"So, as my last resort to escaping this hell I'm in, I'm gonna take the easy way out. This will surely set me free of this… Suffering that no one, dead or alive should suffer through. If you find this recording … Stay the fuck away from the forest. Run away, set it on fire if you ever see it… But NEVER engage with it…"

"Goodbye.. You fucked up world"

"To anyone that heard this audio, This is Dr. •• ••••• •.
Due to the nature of this audiotape, personal who have been given this opportunity to examine this tape, have signed a contract, exclaiming that any type of exposure to this tape, will result in felony charges, resulting in the death of ALL personal who examined this tape."


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Cursed Wigwam:
Recently discovered in 2006. Still under examination :

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