Pitchfork Kids (W.I.P)

-Pitchfork Kids By:Radhg Written on the 10th of April 2018-

Case File #1 on the Disappearance of Mr Reuben Price
Personal with Level 12 access or above only

SCP Project *Redacted*. Code Name : Pitchfork Kids

Conducted/Monitored by *Redacted*

On the 7th of June, 1998 Mr Reuben Price went on a hunting trip, hoping to catch a deer.That same day was proclaimed missing.
He was Married, indicated by his ring, but unknown to who. On his body was no wallet or identification.
When Price was found in the lake, he had suffered many bruises and had stretch marks(Later to be from a choking) on his neck.
Before we continue with the report we have a Transcript of the audio footage found beside the lake.

Audio Transcript-Unknown Date
Recovered:20th/11/1998 , Outside the Lake of Innisfree

Price:*Heavy Panting* I dont know what happened, Im recording this for my wife, incase I do die ,and for whoever finds this to help me.I only have a shotgun which seems to do jack shit. I shot two shots into one of those, things and he just kept charging me.

You can hear Price running, and faintly another set of feet running.

Price: They are after me, Im faster for now but who knows when imma run out of breath, I just want to no-
Price is interrupted by screaming

Price: Thats her, thats the one.She seems to be the Ringleader of all this, she dictates what they do.

Price: This things running out of batteries and that witch is behind me, I dont know what to do. Send help, if you find this, please. Im running beside the lake, across from the burnt down cabin, I dont have time to explain.

Inaudible. Price seems to be talking to whatever is following him

Price: Whenever I run, it runs. Its not catching up on me, but im not risking stopping/walking. Talking probably isnt helping.

Price: Finally!

A door is slammed and price goes silent, you can hear him running on a wooden floor, followed by banging of the door behind him


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