The Pop-A-Top bar. Every small city in America has one of these somewhere within its limits. If you ever happen to stumble through the door of
one of these "fine" establishments find yourself a seat at the bar. Make sure there is an empty stool to your left. The bartender will pay you
no mind, but make sure to pester him for a bottle Jim Beam and two shot glasses. While you have the bartender's attention ask,
"Have you seen Larry around here lately?" His answer will be different every time, but if he ever informs you that he's there now,
leave immediately. Pour yourself a shot and drink. Never look around. Stare at nothing but the contents of your shot glass.
Eventually you'll hear a voice. "You're in my seat." DO NOT TURN AROUND, DO NOT ACKNOWLEDGE THE VOICE. Fill up the second glass and Wait
for the voice to repeat itself. Close your eyes and turn around.
With eyes closed ask, "Would you care for a shot, friend?" If nothing happens throw the glass at the voice as hard as you can and run to the door.
If you feel the shot wretched out of your hand turn back around and pour yourself another shot. You can open you eyes again,
but DO NOT look at the man who has seated hisself to your left. As you drink, so will he.
When the two of you have finished off the bottle of Jim Beam, the man will speak up. "So, I guess you came here to find out.
" To this reply,"What do I need to know?" "Look here, son." he'll say, except his voice has changed.
Take your eyes off of your shot glass and take a good look at Larry. He is you.
Look at your rotted corpse for clues. Cuts, abrasions, broken bones, anything that will clue you in to your own death.
When you are through call the barkeep over. Ask for another bottle of Jim Beam, pay your tab, and leave. Do not come back a second time,
well… that's not entirely right. You will be back a second time.

Author Information: Unknown
Story Title or Titles: Larry
Original Source: Unknown
Date: Unknown. Posted by Kain Pathos Crow at the Foundation wiki on 1 Sep 2008.
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