Haunted Tunnel Story

There was a taxi driver who was stationed in the Aomori area. That part of Japan is mountainous and has a lot of tunnels, and some of them were regarded as haunted. One day, the taxi driver was returning to the taxi pool, and by chance he took the path that went through a haunted tunnel.
"It's certainly creepy, alright…" The taxi driver mumbled to himself. Eventually he reached the end of the tunnel, and the sudden brightness took him off guard for a second. There was a ravine on the right side, and a cliff face on the left side, just as when he entered the tunnel. But he was not prepared for the schoolgirl that rode her bike very close to him. He reacted by jerking the taxi cab hard to the right, but then he realized the girl was on the right side too, and jerked left. The girl panicked and hit the railing on the right side, and the taxi driver could only watch as the girl and her pink bike fell into the ravine. "O shit!" exclaimed the taxi driver. He sped until the tunnel and the ravine were out of sight.
"If I kept quiet, nobody would know of what I did… That's right, just keep quiet about it…" The taxi driver assured himself over and over again during the journey to the pool. Back at the pool, a fellow taxi driver noticed his odd behavior. "Hey, you look like you've seen a ghost or something."
Thinking that this would be a good enough cover story, the taxi driver told them that he went through the tunnel and saw a ghost. He elaborated a bit, but in the end everyone believed in him, and know nothing about the crime. The driver, satisfied with this, went back to work the next day.
Gradually, the driver forgets about that incident on the tunnel. One day he gets a call to pick up a passenger in a local motel. He arrived there to find a woman in her early twenties, waiting for him. She told him her destination, and got in the taxicab. During the journey, she was silent, and the driver did not say anything to her either. Suddenly, the driver realized that they're taking a path that takes them through a particular tunnel. He remembers the incident, but then shrugs it away.
Suddenly, the woman in the backseat said, "Do you happen to hear some stories about this tunnel?"
This startled the taxi driver briefly. "Why, yes, ma'am, locals say that the tunnel is haunted. I've heard some from them."
"Then you may have heard the one about a hit-and-run accident that happened near here?"
The taxi driver gasped under his breath. "Uh… no, ma'am, I never heard nothing of the sort. Maybe it was another tunnel."
"No, no, no… they say it happened around here… a girl was hit by a taxi and fell to a ravine."
Startled, the taxi driver cautiously looked through his rearview mirror to see the woman in the backseat… but it was empty. A woman's voice emanated from the empty backseat. "It happened about this time of the day… and if the girl was still alive, she's be in her early twenties by now…"
The taxi driver froze in his seat. The taxi had just exited the tunnel, and to the driver's horror, a pink bike is standing right in the middle of the road. Either he was guided by the woman's ghost, or he was simply too surprised, he took a hard right, and went into the ravine…
Back on top of the ravine, a pink bike lingers at the side of the road, peering through the broken railings.

Author Information: Unknown
Story Title or Titles: Haunted Tunnel Story
Original Source: Unknown, possibly /x/
Date: Unknown. Posted by carriontrooper at the Foundation wiki on 22 Jan 2009.
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