Grandma Rosie and 89.1

My parents put Grandma Rosie in a home when ‘she started to lose her grip on reality’. I still found it to be cruel, but she seemed content, content enough I guess. I remember visiting her. She had an old rocking chair that faced the window.
Outside was nothing but flat fields of green for miles on end. When it snowed it was carpets of white slithering past the horizon. When it was dark the whispers of the wind were longing to be heard, sweeping frosted and frigid crystals into the pond; dark as the deepest night, and into the darkness that seemed to twist on and on.
I’m not sure which season Grandma Rosie liked the most. The season she looks best in is winter. When you look into the aqua coloured sea of her eyes into the black hole beyond and watch the snow that glitters like crystals fall past her iris. I have to say, Grandma Rosie doesn't talk much. She mainly listens to her radio with large head phones, having it tuned to 89.1, which seems weird as to all this station is; static, just static which, if it could, seemed to bore the life out of you. But she listens to it any way, seemingly just waiting her life out.
One day I went to visit Grandma Rosie and not to my surprise; she was yet again listening to the radio. I went over to the small chair and sat down. After a few minutes of waiting and trying to get her attention, I stood up. Just as suddenly as i stood up she grasped my wrist.
“Shh” Grandma Rosie whispered hoarsely. “They will come, they will come and take me away.”
“Grandma… nobody is coming here to take you away!” I shouted. She slowly moved her hand and tapped the earphone closest to me. Indicating to listen in to the radio. So I bent down and removed a cup. After nearly 5 long minutes I was thinking ‘there is nothing here to be heard.’
Grandma Rosie seemed to have read my mind. “It’s not all static. Listen closer.” She said groggily. This freaked me out and I put the cup back on her ear and left. When I got home I told my parents about what Grandma Rosie had said. They didn’t think it was that weird. I kept thinking about this.
One night I buzzed my friend Abby. She lives across the street from me. She somehow knew all about 89.1. She told me it’s an urban legend in our town. To make it work put headphones on and tune a radio to station 89.1; after a few minutes of listening you will hear chains, screaming and an organ being played eerily. Keep your eyes closed and a figure will come out of the closet as if it was a portal and drag you to your ‘unknown fate.’
“How do you know about this?” I asked with the curiosity flowing through my veins.
“I’ve heard about it.” Abby replied calmly. “Just promise me one thing.” She said very sternly.
“Okay, I promise. Now tell me.” I said quickly.
“Promise me that you WILL NOT - and I repeat, NOT, tell anyone. The less that know the better.”
“Alright, I promise.” That night I went to bed with the never-ending train of thoughts all about 89.1 running through my head. First i thought ‘Why would Grandma be doing this?’ ‘Why did she want to be drug to her ‘unknown fate?”
Eventually after a series of convincing myself to get up and do it: I did it. I grabbed my headphones and radio. I opened my closet door a crack. I sat down on my bed and adjusted the radio and headphones. After what felt like forever, I heard something. It was static but wasn’t like the radio static. I heard a voice.
“Open your eyes!” I jumped so high off my bed i swear if i was even more scared i would have went through the roof. I looked around as to where the sound came from. It was Abby.
“I was only joking.” Abby said laughing hysterically over the walkie talkie. I wasn’t so sure she was joking. As I started scrambling around trying to collect the stuff I knocked over and stuff them back in the closet. As I got to the closet, I realized something. Something strange. The closet door, it was, it was wide open.
Grandma Rosie died in her sleep 2 weeks later; and i was done messing around with legends and superstitions.

Author: Unknown
Story Title or Titles: Grandma Rosie and 89.1
Original Source: Unknown
Date: 4/15/17

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