Drugs on Saturday

You receive a pillow as a gift. It smells of lavender and ginger. The person that give you the gift tells you not to sleep on it. It's a pillow, so why not? You decide to sleep on it for the night, and you had this strange dream of you in a vast, white landscape and in the landscape, there is a building called "Dream Studios".That's strange. You walk away from the building and you wake up, in the real world. No Dream Studios, and no white landscape. Your pillow still smells good, and you decide to sleep again.

Your dream is in the same landscape, with the same building. You decide to go into the building, and the building is actually a studio with a bustling crew and a [REDACTED]. The personnel of the building ask you to help them make a movie with you in it. You say OK, because you always wanted to be on the big screen! What could possibly go wrong?

You help them with the movie and the movie is finished after about 18 dream days. You made an action movie starring you with psychic abilities. Happy with your accomplishment, you wake up. But something's not right. You wake up in a maximum security prison. The guards say you are in prison because of your "telekinetic capabilities." Something's not right here.

Author Information: Anonymous
Story Title or Titles: Drugs
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