Containment Procedure Omega

You have just murdered someone.

They just came, and… shot you, but the bullet did nothing?

You don't know why you did this, or why you're even here.

You hear police sirens and people screaming from the outside.

Why are you here?

Foundation personnel start swarming in the building… all the while you realize that you murdered more than one person.

They come swarming in the building, telling you to put your hands up.
What have you done? They attacked you.

The Foundation Personnel start shooting at you. It looks as if they have started the termination process, but it… reflected?

You're scared. Everyone's scared.

The remaining personnel start calling in for a… what is it? A containment of an SCP?

You run for your life, and when you get out the door, you get shot with a tranquilizer. Kind of.

It somehow bounces off of you into the person that shot it.

"Task Force Omega, contain this flipping SCP. It's dangerous as crap, and all damage done towards it will be repelled. Repeat, contain this SCP, it's dangerous and repells all damage done to it!"

You hear the wailing of the sirens and the beating helicopter.

You kneel down, begging for them not to shoot you and put your hands up claiming you didn't do anything.

"Alright alright, let's get you to Site-17. You'll be fine there".

You are a monster. SCP-[REDACTED]

Author Information: Anonymous
Story Title or Titles: Comntainment Breach Omega
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