Peculiar Waterfall

There was this waterfall in the area i lived, next to my house. I remember, as a kid, me and my siblings would play in the pool of water next to the waterfall. This waterfall was about 30 feet to the top from the water level on the pool of water where the waterfall was sending its water. There was nothing wrong with the water, it seemed.

One sunny day, me and my brother were swimming around in the water, minding our own business, but then i was almost dragged deep into the water near the fall. I didn't expect this to happen, since we never saw a deep part in the pool. My brother rescued me, thankfully, and looked surprised. I was surprised too. I didn't know if it was for the same reason, so i asked him what was up. He replied: "the water.. Under the waterfall… It continued to flow down even underwater. into a hole." I was confused, at first, but then he told me to look underwater.

I put on my goggles and take a peek. The water around me was shallow, about up to my hip, and it was extremely clear. I just had to dive forward and look. I expected to see nothing, as my brother was a liar most of the time, but this time. Oh, this time he was right. Under the waterfall, there was a downflow of water into a suspiciously shaped, near perfect circular hole.

Being the dumb person i was, i started to get closer, but not close enough to get sucked in. I grip onto some rocks and peek over the edge, as i feel like i'm about to be sucked in. Despite the water's clearness, i couldn't see a thing in that hole. I couldn't see the bottom.

I push myself away from the hole and resurface next to my brother. He just says a very quiet "see?". I was very mystified. I walked over to the hole. My feet the feeling of the resistance from the water being sucked into the hole, presumably by the waterfall and the downflow.

I quickly find a good sized rock, about the size of my hand and then i stick my head in the water. I hold one hand against a rock near the circle and toss the rock into it. The rock moved at an incredible speed, and even as i peeked over the edge right when i threw it, it quickly vanished out of view.

I then realized something. All over the town, every pond or body of water would flood after a large rain. But not this pool of water near the watefall. Even after the heaviest of storms, the water is always on the same level. It never receded, it never flooded. This is something which defies logic in of itself, as nature can't create such perfect holes with water, and carve said hole so deep that something goes out of view when dropped in, even through the clear water.

We then zoom over to a couple months ago. I was visiting family in the town of the waterfall. I had brought some friends, who didn't believe my waterfall tale. We waded through the water and to the waterfall. The friend i am annoyed the most, which i called Richard, always shunned me for telling my waterfall tale. Without hesitance, i say "Hey, Richard, You can go first". He said the same thing he always says when i tell the waterfall tale. "It doesn't exist"

He walks over the the waterfall with a smug smile on his face, presumably trying to prove me wrong. Then something terrible happened. About the he took his 10th step to the waterfall, he began to fall, and then started to move down the hole, head down. The last thing i ever saw from him was his feet, before he gets sucked into the hole of the waterfall.

I was mortified. My friends and I ran from the Waterfall pool and to my house. I proceed to say Richard's real name to my parents and talked about how he was sucked into the waterfall hole. My Dad replied and asked "Who is (real name)? I never saw you hang out with him before.". We waited a few days, as we were sure my dad was just forgetting him. My friends and i left my home to set out for Richard's house. We knock on his door and his Mum answers. She acts like she has never seen them before, and asks if they know her. One of my friends proceeds to tell her about (Richard's real name) and how he has gone missing.
She replies she doesn't know a (richard's real name) and slams the door on us. We were surprised. How could a mother forget their own son?

We asked all around town, and even the university he attends, but all of them seem to not know who Richard was.
In the end, all we knew who knew about Richard were me and my friends.
I have no idea what has happened, and i hope it will never happen again.

Peculiar Waterfall
Febuary 28, 2018:
The waterfall of erasing
This is old so don't expect something good.

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