Lost PDF archives of the Foundation!

You have found the ultra-secret "Lost PDF archives of the Foundation!"

I… Oh! Cool!

You thought the ancient records were gone forever? Ha! You only WISH they were!

Yea it's… Wait, what?

AT YOUR PERIL you may download and peruse the forgotten records and discover some of our best old treasures that have hardly changed, and some things we voted into oblivion. Be warned, there is no telling WHAT You will find when you open a file! It could be the spark of an amazing idea, a fond memory of a simpler, gentler version of your favorite SCP item… OR SOMETHING THAT WILL MAKE YOU TAKE UP HARD NARCOTICS IN A DESPERATE SEARCH FOR THE FABLED CLASS-$\Omega$ AMNESIAC!

Be warned searcher… BE WARNED!!!

Filename Description
Template.zip The Open Office template, long thought lost! Thanks far2!
002-to-024.zip Available!
025-to-049.zip Available!
050-to-074.zip Available!
075-to-099.zip Available!
100-to-124.zip Available!
125-to-149.zip Available!
150-to-174.zip Available!
175-to-199.zip Available!
200-to-224.zip Available!
225-to-249.zip Available!
250-to-274.zip Available!
275-to-299.zip Available!
300-to-324.zip Available
325-to-349.zip Available
350-to-374.zip Available
375-to-399.zip Available
400-to-424.zip Available
425-to-449.zip Available
450-to-474.zip Available
475-to-499.zip Available
500-to-524.zip Available
525-to-549.zip Available
550-to-574.zip Available
575-to-599.zip Available
600-to-624.zip Available
625-to-649.zip Available
650-to-674.zip Available
675-to-699.zip Available
700-to-724.zip Available
725-to-749.zip Available
750-to-774.zip Available
775-to-799.zip Available
file 800-to-824.zip Never existed!
file 825-to-849.zip Never existed!
file 850-to-874.zip Never existed!
file 875-to-899.zip Never existed!
900-to-924.zip Available
925-to-949.zip Available
950-to-974.zip Available
975-to-999.zip Available
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